Scientists Explain Why Women Need to Stop Wearing Bras!

If you are a woman, do you wear your bra all the time? Do you wear it 24/7 without thinking about its consequences? Do you think that your bra makes your breasts more beautiful?

According to experts, though bras have been marketed as an excellent back pain reliever, breast lifter, and breast supporter, they may be doing you more harm than good.

Of course, bras are not entirely useless and they can be great for specific situations; however, going braless might be the best thing you have ever done.

Why Women Need to Ditch Their Bras

According to a study done by Professor Jean-Denis Rouillan from France, bras have no medical or anatomic advantage for women. He adds that bras are actually the opposite of how they are being advertised, i.e. the bra you are wearing nonstop can make your breasts saggy.

During the study, the women who did not wear bras experience a 7 mm nipple lift every year which immediately disproves the claim that the breasts sag if you do not wear a bra. Moreover, the ones who did not wear a bra experienced fewer stretch marks than the participants who wore it. And, their breasts were firmer.

This study is definitely contradictory to everything women have been taught from a young age, that is, to wear a bra to support their breasts and improve their posture. The study found that going braless is what betters the posture and encourages the body to develop the muscles underneath the breasts that further averts sagginess and provides natural support.

When you do not rush your daughter to wear a bra from an early age, her body will use the muscles that are intended to avert sagginess. If she wears a bra all the time, these muscles will not be used and therefore, the risk of sagginess will increase.

According to a participant in the study, she experienced a lot of advantages two years after ditching her bra. Her breathing and posture improved and she did not have as much as backache as she did before.

Nonetheless, though the study is beneficial for women who are already braless or who are not fans of bras, most of the women in the study were young and wearing a bra for only a few decades. In older women, this number is higher and thus, if they choose to leave their bras, the research may show different results.

Remember, this study is in no way telling women what to wear and what not to wear. Ultimately, it is your decision and you know best what is comfortable for you.

Want to Go Braless? Check Out these Tips

  • Choose a bralette

Bralettes are much more comfortable than bras because they are free of paddings and wires. They will ease your transition to braless breasts. They will not constrict your breasts and will help you feel better.

  • Work on your posture

Learn how to sit and stand properly. Keep the shoulders back, the head up, and the back straight. This will help you lift the breasts naturally and keep your back and neck healthy.

  • Begin small

If you have been used to wearing a bra nonstop, the transition may not happen overnight. Start gradually, for example, ditch it during sleep and go one day to school or work without it and one day with it. Gradually, increase the events and places where you will be braless.




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