Flush Away Fat with this Detox Water Recipe

Most of you have probably heard about Fat Flush Water or read about it online, but do you actually know whether this method is really helpful or not?

25 years ago, this concept was brought by Ann Louise Gittleman. The Fat Flush Plan and 4 other Fat Flush books afterwards were featured as New York Times bestsellers. Though the diet plans have improved over the years to keep up with the research on weight loss, the main goal is to detoxify the liver and thus, enhance the loss of weight.

Why is a healthy liver so important for weight loss? –Because a liver full of toxins and fat cannot optimize its fat-burning capacity. This is where the Fat Flush Water can help. Continue reading the article to learn more about it.

Fat Flush Water: Amazing Method to Lose Stubborn Fat

This remedy was first presented on Dr. Oz’s show and since then, its popularity has only increased. Thanks to the all-natural ingredients in it, it helps better the digestion, fight off oxidative damage, and boosts the body’s nutrients levels.

Plus, cucumber possesses diuretic properties and thus, helps with the removal of water weight and a better burning of fat. This recipe is also great for the ladies who want to get rid of cellulite too!

Fat Flush Water Recipe

You will need:

2 liters of purified water

1 tangerine, chopped

½ grapefruit, sliced

One-inch ginger root, grated

A cucumber, sliced

4 peppermint leaves

Preparation: In a pitcher, combine the ingredients before going to bed. Cover the content and drink it in the morning.

Important to note:

In order for this DIY remedy to work, you need to follow a healthy and nutritious diet and to work out on a regular basis.




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