Alleviate Tonsillitis with these 5 Simple & Effective Natural Remedies

Are there natural remedies that can be helpful with tonsillitis? Let’s find out!

Tonsillitis is a condition which happens when the tonsils become infected either by a bacterial or a viral infection. Consequently, one experiences symptoms such as sore throat, pain during swallowing, swollen tonsils, bad breath, pain in the ears, and hoarse voice.

When the cause is a viral infection, it usually goes away on its own whereas the bacterial one may need antibiotics. The treatment of this health problem is focused on alleviating the symptoms with NSAIDs, particularly the pain and inflammation.

However, in addition to over-the-counter meds, there are also natural remedies which can be of great aid. With this in mind, we decided to share some of the most commonly used home remedies that can help you relieve the symptoms.

5 Home Remedies for Tonsillitis

  • Licorice lozenges

Lozenges can sooth your throat; however, not all of them are made in the same way. Some have anti-inflammatory ingredients or pain-relieving ingredients.

The ones with licorice are known for their strong anti-inflammatory advantages and can help reduce swelling in the throat and tonsils. But, they’re not meant for children as there’s a higher risk of choking. Opt for throat sprays in this case.

  • Gargles with salt water

Gargling with salty and warm water can help minimize the pain and soreness in the throat, but also decrease the inflammation.

Mix half a tsp of sea salt and four ounces of warm water and then gargle with the mixture for several seconds and then spit the content out. Repeat it several times per day.

  • Humidifiers

In case the air in your home or office is dry, a humidifier can help you alleviate sore throat or dry mouth caused by tonsillitis. Dry air is known to irritate the throat and humidifiers help by increasing the moisture level.

Cool-mist ones are the most effective, particularly if the viruses have caused by tonsillitis. Keep the humidifier on, even when you’re sleeping, until the symptoms reduce. You can also sit in a room with steam from shower if you don’t have a humidifier to alleviate the discomfort.

  • Warm tea and honey

Warm drinks such as tea can be of aid in reliving the discomfort common for tonsillitis. Mix it with some raw honey for additional antibacterial properties. Drink it warm, not hot and it’s best to opt for ginger or fennel tea.

  • Ice chips and popsicles

Cold can be useful in alleviating inflammation, swelling, and pain common in tonsillitis. So, try frozen drinks, popsicles or ice cream to treat tonsillitis. This is great for children because it’s safer to give them to suck an ice chip rather than a lozenge.





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