7 Useful & Simple Tips to Stop Snoring Tonight

Even though you love your partner, you probably have been frustrated too many times if he/she is keeping you up all night because they snore.

If you’re a snorer yourself, you probably want to know if this problem can ever go away. Even if you’re not a snorer, you should be aware that everyone snores occasionally.

Snoring is actually a normal occurrence because of the relaxed state in which the throat is during sleep.

However, in more severe cases, it may cause problems like insomnia, poor sleep quality, and irritability in the snorer and the one sleeping with them who’s actually unable to sleep due to the sound.

Useful Tips to Stop Snoring Naturally

  • Side sleeping

This tactic can be very beneficial for those who snore from time to time. This position can avert the untoned throat muscles from blocking your breathing passages.

  • Vitamin C

Often times, sinuses may obstruct the airways and cause the mouth to stay open and the uvula to vibrate, which produces the annoying snoring sounds.

Vitamin C can help you avert this because it strengthens the immunity and a healthy immunity helps clear out the sinuses. Consume more broccoli, red bell peppers, and other healthy foods abundant in this crucial vitamin.

  • Dental appliance

Consult your dentist about devices worn during sleep that may help with the snoring like a sports mouth guard or an orthodontic retainer. They help keep the jaw in a proper position so that the upper airway remains open.

  • Lose weight

People with surplus weight, particularly in the neck area, may frequently snore. According to a study, neck circumference was greater in snorers than in non-snorers. So, losing weight and improving your BMI can help you sleep healthier and snore less.

  • Opt for a humidifier

Dry air can make people snore more as dry air dries out your throat and nose and thus, creates congestion.

Congestion blocks the natural breathing and makes the tissues vibrate. Humidifiers help remove dry air and help your body be more comfortable and able to breathe naturally.

  • Throat and tongue exercises

A strong throat and tongue can be of aid to reduce the relaxed throat. Put the upper and lower molars together gently and open the mouth.

Your focus should be on pressing the molars wide apart, but not to the point of over stretching them. Do 10 reps. You will feel the back of your mouth opening up.

  • Don’t eat dairy and big meals before sleep

Drinking milk or eating dairy before bed can worsen the snoring as it leaves a mucus layer in the throat and mouth.

Consequently, the blockage on the airways is bigger. Big meals are also not recommendable as when our stomach if full, it may push up the diaphragm and impact the rhythmic breathing.





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