7 Must-Have Healing Herbs You Should Grow in Your Garden this Summer

Growing your own medicine herb garden can be an amazing idea. You can use these herbs to have a regular supply of healing remedies that are completely natural.

The healing potential of plants is enormous-starting from the relaxing properties of lavender to the protective properties of Echinacea from bacteria and viruses- they can be really helpful.

Since it’s easy to grow them in your garden if you have one with enough light and water, why not?

With this in mind, we knew we had to make a list of the 10 must-have healing herbs that you can easily grow in your mini garden in the backyard or on even on your balcony!

7 Healing Herbs You Can Grow this Summer


This perennial herb originates from Asia and Europe. It’s packed with antioxidants and helps fight off free radicals and chronic inflammation.

It adds bulk to your stool and nourishes the good gut bacteria.

Since it’s perennial, you can plant it only once and it will grow every season. Make sure you give it sufficient space as it likes to spread.

Aloe vera

This plant is good for the oral health and for topical healing of sunburns. It may also be of aid in reducing inflammation and strengthening the immunity.

Plant it in sandy soil and water it sporadically. In the cooler months, put it back inside.


This is a must for your garden as it’s abundant in vitamin C and it’s excellent for the immunity. It has also been researched for its capacity to avert bacterial overgrowth.

Being a perennial plant, you just plant it once and you’ll see new crop every year.


This root is native to Africa and some European parts.

For centuries, it’s been used as a remedy for numerous health problems. This plant will keep the mucus membranes in the respiratory tract safe as well as boost the digestive health.

It may help you lower coughing and applied topically to speed up the healing of wounds, bites, and burns.

Grow it in sandy and moist soil and place it where it will get partial shade to full sun.


For a long period of time, nettle has been used as a natural remedy for a lot of reasons. Some of the best health benefits it has to offer are natural diuretic, allergy soother, and pain reliever.

Avoid rubbing against it as it can cause skin irritation. Harvest leaves using gloves as it can sting you.


Rosemary smells amazing and it’s also good for our memory. It helps reduce the levels of stress and keeps the body safe from chronic illness.

Some studies have also found it beneficial in treatment of cancer. Plant it in a pot and water only when the soil is dry. Prune it regularly to ensure it doesn’t grow too much.


This herb will boost your vitamin A and C levels and also restore the fungal balance in the body.

It’s also good for pain reduction, especially in case of painful menstrual cramps. It also has strong respiratory health benefits- in Germany; it’s an approved therapy for bronchitis, cough, and upper respiratory infections.

Plant it where it will get a lot of sunlight and water the soil only when it’s entirely dry.

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