4 Bedtime Drinks to Burn Fat & Sleep Better

One easy, but effective way to boost sleep quality and encourage weight loss is to drink certain beverages before you go to bed.

Some of these drinks are healthy enough to support your journey to lower fat in the body, particularly one from the belly area and reduce stress.

Unfortunately, obesity has taken over and only in the US, more than 70 percent of people are overweight.

And, insomnia is an issue for a lot of people too. The CDC notes that 50 to 70 million adults in the US are dealing with sleep disorders.

To help ease these two problems, we decided to present 4 great drinks you should consume before bed and they won’t just help you sleep better, but also help you lose fat easier.

Let’s check them out below.

4 Awesome Healthy Drinks to Help Burn Fat & Sleep Better at Night

  1. Apple + Psyllium

You need:

An apple

A cup of water

2 tsp of psyllium powder

¼ tsp of cinnamon powder

Prep: Blend the apple with the water until smooth. Transfer it in a cup and add the powders. Stir and drink. After you’re done, drink a glass of water too.

This drink helps ease the breakdown of fats into fatty acids and lowers inflammation. It also helps move out waste from the colon faster.

2. Cherry + Aloe Vera

You need:

2 to 4 oz. of tart cherry juice

An ounce of aloe vera juice

Cold water

Prep: Mix the cherry and aloe vera juices in an 8 oz. glass and add water. Combine and drink right away.

According to studies, cherries help lower insomnia and boost the melatonin levels and help you sleep better and longer. Plus, aloe vera will supply you with important nutrients, including antioxidants.

3. Lemon, ginger & cucumber

You need:

10 slices of cucumber with the skin

A tbsp of grated ginger

6 oz. of water

Fresh lemon juice from one lemon

A dash of Himalayan salt


Blend the cucumber and ginger with the water and then add the lemon juice and salt. Stir well and drink right away.

This drink boosts your fiber levels, detoxifies the liver, and helps your body remove toxins and waste easier.

It also betters the digestion, regulates the glucose levels, and helps burn more fat. Moreover, it will help you alkalinize the body and lower the blood pressure.

4. Milk & Nutmeg

You need:

A cup of warm milk, non dairy or dairy

2 tsp of honey

A dash of grated nutmeg


Mix the milk and honey and add the nutmeg. Stir well and drink it right away.

When consumed in moderation, this drink helps you shed pounds and boost your sleep. Honey will help you relax and nutmeg will ease your sleep thanks to the magnesium which it contains.




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