7 Totally Underrated Traits Sarcastic People Possess

Sarcasm is a way in which intelligent people are responding to the less intelligent and telling them the truth without directly insulting them.

Some even claim it’s the brain’s natural ‘defense from stupidity’.

A sarcastic person is able to see the true colors of others even though they may be hiding them pretty well.

Sarcasm may also give you more bravery to speak up your mind. But, not everyone is able to be sarcastic-they’re not too confident to speak up.

Some people even think sarcasm is a negative and bad trait-however; others would say these people are just sensitive and unable to handle the truth.

The co-author of the Sarcasm Handbook, Lawrence Dorfman, says that the biggest misconception about sarcasm is that it’s viewed as low or base humor.

If you think sarcasm is underrated, you’ll love to learn these commonly underrated traits of sarcastic people.

7 Underrated Traits of Sarcastic People

Makes the brain work harder

Sarcastic comments aren’t easy to come up with- this is how you train the brain to work harder.

In a way, sarcasm is how your brain works out as it helps you tell people the truth, without hurting their feelings by being too direct.

It’s a sign of creativity and intelligence

Sarcastic people use sarcasm as a response to stupid and unnecessary comments. But, these fast reactions require a trained brain.

In a way, using sarcasm helps boost your intelligence and increases the brain’s response capacity.

What’s more, according to a 2015 research done by Harvard Business School, sarcasm is the highest form of intelligence.

Sarcasm makes people better friends

Among friends, there’s always one who’s very honest. But, they’re loved because they’re the only ones who’re honest.

This may also be the one who’s sarcastic.

The sarcastic friend can be the one with the best insight and the one who will help you see the truth, rather than fuel your false expectations and hopes.

Sarcasm is sexy

Being sarcastic is a sign of higher intelligence and intelligence is definitely sexy. So, sarcasm is sexy!

Being funny is also a good trait that people like to see in their partners. They want a person who makes them laugh and keeps them smiling.

So, don’t fear to embrace your sarcastic personality- it may open your eyes to a potential romantic partner.

It makes you the life of a party

Being a sarcastic person will bring your special flavor to get-togethers- your humor is candid and blunt.

You’ll always know how to make people laugh and get rid of unpleasant situations and motivate others to have a good time.

It helps you win arguments

If you’re the master of sarcasm, one single smart line can help you win an argument. Sarcastic people also tend to be the ones whose word is last, simply because they leave the other side speechless.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to be right all the time, but your intelligence will definitely help you get out of any situations.

Your nature is to read between the lines

Nothing can get past this person-they know people’s ulterior motives and can easily spot hidden meaning.

Rather than letting this bother them, they know how to use it to their advantage.




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