White Snow Soup: The Popular Remedy in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Snow fungus or white fungus is a wild, edible mushroom which naturally grows on tree branches and bark, particularly on trees with broad leaves.

For centuries, it’s been part of traditional Chinese medicine.

Nowadays, more and more people are learning about its immense healing potential, mostly its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

One of the most popular healing recipes with white fungus is definitely white snow soup. This is an awesome way to enjoy and benefit from this wonderful superfood!

Why Is a Good Idea to Add White Fungus to Your Diet?

According to Health Line, although there’s no info on its nutritional value, its nutritional profile is similar to that of other fungus from the wild. Generally, mushrooms are low in calories and have some amount of fiber and protein.

They also provide you with zinc, calcium, folate, and vitamin D. These nutrients are important for our brain development, immunity, and healthy bones.

Although it’s praised for its various ways of bettering our health, most of it is attributed to polysaccharides, a type of carbohydrate they contain.

Though more research is necessary, this mushroom is definitely promising. It may be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, good for the brain and immunity, bettering the skin complexion, and improving our blood sugar levels.

How to Make Delicious & Nourishing Soup with White Fungus

You can find dried snow fungus in some supermarkets. A quality fungus should have a white-yellowish surface. Avoid the entirely white ones because they may be bleached!

Before use, soak them in clean water to go soft.

For the steamed snow fungus with fresh chili, you’ll need:

140 grams of white fungus

10 grams of red chili

15 grams of peeled & chopped garlic

30 ml of oil

15 grams of sugar

20 ml of light soy sauce

10 ml of dark soy sauce

30 ml of corn starch

10 ml of sesame oil

5 ml of cooking wine

150 ml of veggie stock


Soak the fungus in lukewarm water for half an hour. Then, bring your pan to heat and add the oil, garlic and mix well. Add the chili and veggie stock.

Mix and add the soy sauces. Add the corn starch and cook until it thickens. Add the white fungus and mix. Cook for several more minutes and add seasoning.