5 Awesome Nutrients to Boost Your Oxygen Uptake: Your Blood Cells will Love it!

In order for the body to be able to make the energy that we need to stay alive and healthy, our cells need to continuously take in oxygen.

This process is highly dependent on an adequate intake of nutrients. Unfortunately, being deficient in important nutrients can weaken oxygenation and consequently increase your risk of inflammation, cell death, and numerous other health issues.

This being said, it’s pivotal to include the right nutrients in our diet so that we boost our oxygen uptake. These nutrients will nourish the circulatory system and the other body parts and help you stay in good shape.

Below, check out the most important nutrients to take in so that you boost your oxygen uptake!

Best Nutrients for Optimal Oxygen Uptake


Iron’s role is to enable the production of hemoglobin, a protein in our red blood cells that binds to the oxygen molecules we breathe in from the air and releases them into the tissues.

Insufficient iron can increase the risk of anemia or insufficient oxygen transported to the cells.

Up your intake of iron through red organs meat for heme iron whereas veggies like dark green leafy ones are awesome sources of non-heme iron.

Vitamin C

To get the most from your consumption of iron, you need enough vitamin C too.

This nutrient makes the non-heme iron more bioavailable and also betters the body’s absorption of iron.

What’s more, by supplying your body with enough vitamin C, you’re increasing your antioxidant power and the synthesis of catecholamine, carnitine, and collagen.


Together with iron, copper works in the production of hemoglobin and also plays a role in elastin and collagen production. These two proteins make up the walls of the blood vessels and make sure they stay strong.

Consuming excessive iron can deplete copper and speed up aging and tissue degeneration. This is why you need to consume them in balance.

You can supply your body with copper through foods like oysters, crabmeat, cashews, almonds, beans, and potatoes.

Organic sulfur

This mineral is pivotal for the transportation of oxygen throughout the cell membrane that’s pivotal for cellular regeneration.

Without this pivotal nutrient, our body can’t be optimally healthy. Due to being insufficiently present in our soils due to modern farming, the amounts we consume aren’t enough.

Sulfur is necessary for the detoxification of heavy metals and the transportation of oxygen throughout the cell membranes.


Calcium’s role in the transportation of oxygen to cells is pivotal. It also regulates the amount of blood that passes through our blood vessels and guides the flow of oxygen to the cells.

What’s more, calcium widens the blood vessels around those tissues in need of more oxygen to boost the amount or constrict them when the blood flow to certain tissues that need less oxygen needs to be reduced.