Five Awesome Reasons Why Pregnant Women Benefit from Adding Chia Seeds to their Diet

Chia seeds were once something you could only purchase in a health food store. However, lately, they’re literally everywhere: from grocery stores to food trucks and restaurant menus.

And, the reasons are justified. These black and white seeds may be tiny, but they’re a superfood rich in plenty of nutrients, including ones that pregnant women can benefit from.

Chia seeds are safe for most women during pregnancy. Below, check out the best benefits of adding them to your diet in case you’re pregnant.

Healing Properties of Chia Seeds for Pregnant Women

  • Relieve constipation

Pregnancy is a lot for the digestive system and it may be a daily fight with constipation and hemorrhoids.

The good news is that adding fiber-rich foods to your diet can soothe the digestive tract and encourage better function. ‘

Luckily, chia seeds are rich in fiber. You get around 8 grams per two tablespoons or 32 percent of the RDA.

  • Prolong the satiety

They say pregnancy hunger can’t be understood until it’s experienced. Many pregnant women complain of being hungry 24/7.

 However, overeating is never good and in the case of pregnancy, it’s the perfect trap to pack too many pounds. But this doesn’t mean pregnant women should starve out themselves and the baby, but rather choose good “friends”, like protein.

The more protein-abundant foods you add to your diet, the fuller you’ll be and less hungry.

And, whenever possible, add chia seeds to your recipes. They have around four grams of protein per two tablespoons.

  • Supply with omega 3s

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for relieving chronic inflammation, bettering the health of the eyes, and alleviating anxiety and depression.

Moreover, it can contribute to healthy brain development in the fetus and healthy pregnancy. To get more of this fatty acid, it’s important to add the right foods like salmon, sardines, oysters, and shrimp.

Mighty seeds like chia seeds are also a good idea. An ounce of these seeds supplies you with five grams of these acids.

These are ALA whereas studies on the link between omega 3s and pregnancy are more focused on the DHA and EPA that are more present in fish. Therefore, it’s pivotal to include all of these acids that both you and the baby need.

  • Balance the blood sugar

Pregnancy hormones may cause a buildup of glucose in the blood that needs to be controlled to prevent gestational diabetes.

This must never be taken lightly since high levels of blood sugar can impede both the mom’s and the baby’s health.

The fiber in chia seeds is also helpful for regulating blood sugar by lowering the rate at which the sugar is absorbed in the blood.

  • Make the teeth and bones of the baby stronger

Moms will do their best to protect the health of their babies. During pregnancy, calcium is pivotal and the RDA is around 1000 mg. But you needn’t drink several glasses of milk to get to this amount.

You can also acquire it from plenty of veggies and fruits and chia seeds. Two tablespoons of it will provide you with 152 mg of calcium or 15 percent of the RDA.

  • They increase your energy

Every pregnant lady would tell you that they would always welcome a boost of energy. Whether working outside or being a stay-at-home mom caring for your children, your energy levels may be low.

The good news is that chia seeds can help you out and give you the needed boost. Although they don’t remove fatigue entirely because growing a human is demanding, but they will up your energy to get you going.