Kerson Fruit Health Benefits: Impressive Reasons Why It Should Be Consumed Often

Kerson fruit is a delicious berry-like fruit that reminds of cherries and it comes from a fast-growing tree. Known as Muntingia calabura, Kerson fruit originates from Latin America and Asia.

The American name for it is the strawberry tree. 

More and more research is discovering the benefits of consuming these berries for overall health. You can find this fruit under various names, including small apples, sarisa, or artiles. 

The fruit isn’t the only nutritious reward from this tree; in fact, the leaves and flowers are also packed with amazing health advantages. 

Kerson fruit has a sweet taste and a juicy texture. They’re commonly used to make tarts and jams. Kerson fruit tea is also delicious.

Below, learn more about the best health benefits of kerson fruit and why it deserves a place in your diet!

The Best Health Benefits of the Kerson Fruit

  • Abundant in vitamin C 

Thanks to the daily consumption of the kerson fruit, you will have healthy skin and stronger immunity because it’s packed with vitamin C. 

Moreover, this vitamin plays a pivotal role in the absorption of iron. It also boosts the production of red blood cells and helps decrease the risk of anemia. 

A 100-gram portion of kerson cherries has around 150 mg of vitamin C. 

This vitamin is crucial for the optimal production of collagen that helps keep the skin healthy and youthful.

  • Betters the digestion

These cherries are juicy and abundant in fiber and can be of aid for digestive boost. People with stomach issues or struggling with constipation can benefit from a handful of Kerson fruits to keep the bowels moving. 

  • Contribute to a healthier cardiovascular system

This fruit is abundant in fiber and possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics that are important for keeping cardiovascular health optimal and boosting the blood flow. 

This fruit is also abundant in nitric oxide that is known to keep the blood vessels relaxed and help the blood flow smoother and keep the blood pressure in check.

  • May offer relief from headaches

Kerson fruit is known to help relax the blood vessels and boost the blood flow so consuming a cup of kerson leaf tea may help alleviate the headache symptoms faster.

  • A guilt-free snack for people with diabetes

People with diabetes are often advised to keep sweet snacks and treats at bay, including some fruits; however, a kerson fruit is highly recommendable because of its ability to keep the blood sugar levels balanced. 

Moreover, research indicates that the leaves of this fruit are rich in flavonoids and saponin and possess antioxidant properties. 

They help create the insulin hormones necessary for a normal blood sugar level. 

  • May be of aid to cancer patients

Kerson fruit is abundant in antioxidants- 24 different flavonoids and phenolic compounds- and can destroy free radicals. 

Free radicals are considered to be one of the contributing factors in cancer, and other illnesses as well.