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10 Foods You Must Avoid If You Suffer From Arthritis

Those suffering from arthritis are well aware of the pain that this condition brings, especially if your nutrition is not suited for the condition. Improper diet can worsen the inflammation, causing more pain and discomfort, while potentially increasing your weight; another way of worsening the condition by putting your joints […]

Black Seed- the Remedy for Everything but Death?

Black Seed- the Remedy for Everything but Death?

For a millennia, black seeds have been used for their powerful healing characteristics. This seed is derived from Nigella Sativa, an annual flowering plant, which is also known as black cumin, black sesame, and onion seed. What’s more, an abundance of scientific studies indicate the health benefits of black seed […]

What Are The Best Natural Antibiotics?

In most cases, physicians prescribe common antibiotics for colds and the flu. However, antibiotics are only beneficial for bacterial infections, not viral ones. When prescribed for viral infections, antibiotics can do more harm than good. What’s more, when overused or misused, antibiotics may lead to the development of a phenomenon […]

101 Scientific Evidences about Coconut Oil

Without doubt, coconut oil is one of the most popular ingredients used nowadays. We frequently read about coconut oil on the internet, but in magazine papers as well. This is because coconut oil is abundant in nutrients, antioxidants, and fat-soluble vitamins and it has been used for different cosmetic purposes […]