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Swimming Pools Made from Shipping Containers

With quarantine and lockdown still being active in a lot of countries worldwide, people are becoming more and more creative and coming up with unique and interesting innovations for their homes and yards. We covered up some of the most interesting ones like the we-sheds and the wine cellar from […]

12 Exercises to Tighten Your Butt & Legs in 4 Weeks

A trainer from Nike, Alex Fagan claims that in order to shape your legs and buttocks, it’s essential to incorporate squats to your workout routine. And, you can easily combine this exercise with others. Squats are simple, can be performed at home, and aren’t time-consuming. If you’re therefore looking for […]

We Don’t Have to Agree on Everything to Be Friends

Did you know that there’s an International Day of Friendship which is celebrated on the 30th of July? It’s a celebratory day created by the UN and the goal is promote the importance of friendship in cultures worldwide. To this extent, the UN encourages groups, governments, and organizations to make […]