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23 Ways You can Painlessly Cleanse Your Body

23 Ways You Can Painlessly Cleanse Your Body

When you hear the words “detoxification” or “cleansing” you may immediately associate them with starvation and unpleasant symptoms; however, you should be aware that you can support proper and healthy detox regularly by supporting the elimination organs in the body. And, following these practices may end up being more beneficial […]

5 Common Triggers of Autoimmune Disease most People Do not Think about

5 Common Triggers Of Autoimmune Disease Most People Don’t Know

Unfortunately, autoimmune illnesses have been exponentially growing and statistics shows that more than 50 million American citizens are suffering from some type of autoimmune disease, as noted on Mind Body Green. An autoimmune disorder happens when the body’s immunity starts to attack the body because it goes into overdrive and […]

How to Get Rid of Bloating: 9 Strategies Backed by Science

How to Get Rid of Bloating: 9 Strategies Backed by Science

If you have experienced bloating at least once in your lifetime, especially after a meal, you probably know that it can be quite uncomfortable. According to Diet vs. Disease, research indicates that 10 to 25 percent of healthy individuals commonly have problems with bloating, but most of them do nothing […]