How to Remove Fluoride & other Heavy Metals from Your Tap Water fast

Unfortunately, a lot of drinking water sources throughout the world are treated with fluoride by-products because fluoride is believed to have medicinal properties, i.e. the CDC claims that the fluoridation of water is a safe and healthy method to avert tooth decay. And, this has been the case for the last 65 years and there has been no mentioning of the possible side effects of fluoride consumption. Unfortunately, according to some experts, fluoride in combination with trace amounts of aluminum in water can lead to brain damage!

Fluoride Is Toxic & Bad for Us!

According to Dr. Blaylock’s report Why Fluoride Is Toxic, he mentions that people are being lied to about the safety of fluoride and other chemicals present in drinking water. Despite governmental claims that fluoride is safe in the dosages added, a long list of scientific data connecting it with brain and nervous system damage must not be neglected. What’s more, fluoride exposure has also been associated with a higher risk of cancer. Recently, the CDC introduced damage control by reducing the fluoridation recommendations after the release of studies pointing out the damage that fluoride causes to children.

Is there a Way to Eliminate Fluoride from Your Water?

Even though there are expensive methods and products that you can opt for in order to eliminate different chemicals from your drinking water, including fluoride, there are a lot of people who cannot afford these solutions so it is good to know some cheaper, but powerful options! For less than $100, there is a water filter pitcher by the company Aquagear which can help you get rid of fluoride, but other chemicals like lead, chloramines, and chromium 6 too!

How to Remove Fluoride from Your Body

By adding specific beneficial foods to your diet, you will easily detoxify it from heavy metals. One such superfood is spirulina! This edible blue-green alga has a distinctive green color and a strong smell. It is abundant in protein, 8 amino acids, iron, vitamins B, folic acid, manganese, selenium and thus, it can be of great aid in cleansing your organs and cells from heavy metals.

How to Add Spirulina to Your Diet

The two most common forms of spirulina are tablets and powder and it is also present as an ingredient in some energy-boosting and protein powder mixes. Feel free to combine a spoon of it into a glass of juice or water or add it to your favorite smoothie.



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