1 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar For 60 Days Can Help Eliminate These Health Problems

Did you know that vinegar is said to have been found approximately 5000 BC when unattended grape juice turned into wine and then vinegar? In the beginning, it was used as a preservative for food and the rest is history. Namely, Hippocrates used it as a natural remedy for healing minor wounds whereas in the 1700s, it was used to alleviate poison ivy rashes and abdominal ache.

Vinegar can be obtained from any fermentable carbohydrate like dates, coconut, grapes, potatoes, apples, and beets. It is made through a long and gradual fermentation which supplies it with a long list of bioactive ingredients like catechin, gallic acid, acetic acid, and caffeic acid. This is why vinegar is known to posses antimicrobial and antioxidant characteristics, among others.

In order to ensure that your vinegar is of highest quality, it needs to contain “the mother”, a cowweb-like amino acid substance that is present in unprocessed variants only. If you still have doubts about whether to include vinegar to your daily diet, make sure you continue reading this article!

The Health Benefits of Vinegar

  1. Encourages loss of weight

Vinegar may be effective for people trying to shed surplus pounds because of its ability to prolong the satiety and thus, lower the overall intake of calories.

  1. Betters the digestion and alleviates acid reflux

Acid reflux or GERD is a consequence of a low amount of stomach acid. To elevate the amount, opt for a tbsp of raw apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water on the daily. The pectin found in this vinegar will relieve intestinal spasms common during poor digestion.

  1. Increases the energy levels

Did you know that the potassium and enzymes in apple cider vinegar can reduce tiredness? What’s more, the amino acids will avert the deposition of lactic acid in the body and prevent fatigue.

  1. Helps with sore throat

ACV has antibacterial characteristics that can bring relief from sore throat. Gargle with a mixture of 1/3 of ACV and a glass of warm water.

  1. Beneficial against diabetes

The anti-glycemic properties of vinegar will balance the blood sugar levels and the acetic acid is believed to avert the digestion of complex carbs. Since vinegar may slow down the conversion of complex carbs into sugar from a meal into the bloodstream, it allows for additional time to remove the sugar out of the blood and thus, prevent sugar spikes.

  1. Supports the health of the heart

The chlorogenic acid, a polyphenol present in ACV, may impede the LDLs oxidation and better the cardiovascular health by averting heart-related issues. Vinegar was also discovered to have the power to balance the triglycerides and VLDL levels (VLDL is a low-density lipoprotein with the highest levels of triglycerides).