Reduce Cholesterol Levels, Acidity And Heal Stomach Problems With One Glass Of This Drink

One well-known spice, known as cumin, is not just a great solution to up the flavour of numerous meals, but it is also an excellent natural cure because it possesses some pretty amazing healing characteristics. Cumin originates from the Mediterranean Sea, Iran, India, and Egypt, but nowadays, it is grown throughout the world, mostly because of its adaptable nature.

Regarding natural remedies on the basis of cumin, cumin water is thought to be one of the most effective ones due to its capacity to help with a long list of health complications and its strong healing properties. If you still have doubts about the power of cumin, make sure you read the whole article to learn more about why you need to introduce it to your diet!

The Health Advantages of Cumin Water

  • Enhances loss of weight and decreases bad cholesterol

When consumed on a regular basis, cumin water will help you decrease bad cholesterol, lose weight, and avert heart illness.

  • Decreases acidity and betters the blood flow

Stomach inflammation can be naturally resolved with the help of cumin water and it will also detoxify your whole body. This will further lower the acidity and improve your blood flow.

  • Good against stomach ache, headaches, and low haemoglobin

Cumin water is abundant in iron, a substance capable of increasing the haemoglobin levels in the blood and the blood count. What’s more, you can also use it as a potent remedy for abdominal ache and headaches.

  • Helps with bloating

Did you know that cumin water can be of great aid in bringing relief from bloating and numerous other gastrointestinal tract problems?

  • Makes the body more alkaline

Cumin water is known to alkalize the body and thus, it will lower the acidity and keep you safe from health problems that are known to be caused by an overly-acidic body environment.

Recipe for Cumin Water


2 spoons of cumin

A glass of filtered water

Preparation and use: Mix the water and cumin and leave the content overnight. In the morning, boil it and then strain it into another cup. Wait for it to cool down and the drink it.

Additional Tips to Lower Flatulence

  • Prior to breakfast, chew on some fresh basil leaves
  • Include fennel seeds to your diet because of their antimicrobial properties
  • Consume a mixture of some sugar and ground fresh peppermint leaves



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