Statin Drugs Scam Exposed: Side Effects Include Rapid Aging, Brain Damage & Diabetes

As many of you may already know, statins are a group of medications used for lowering bad cholesterol deposits and to better the cardiovascular health. However, according to recent research, these meds are under a lot of scrutiny due to the serious side effects associated with their use.

In 2014, the funds spent on prescription meds elevated to staggering $374 billion, which is the highest amount of money used for meds since 2001! Without doubt, statins make up a great part of this higher increase which means more people are being prescribed with it.

What Do these Meds Do?

Statins are known to block the substance the liver requires to product cholesterol and also aid the body to reabsorb the plaque stick in the arteries and to avert heart attacks. Nonetheless, cholesterol is present in every cell in the body, especially in the brain and it is created by the liver in order to keep us healthy.

The Research on Statins

According to a study published in the American Journal of Physiology, statins may be associated with premature aging, neurological damage, diabetes, and skeletal muscle weakness. What’s more, it has also be linked with rhabdomyolysis, a muscle damage characterized by strong muscular ache, kidney failure, and even death.

Statin consumption, according to Dr. David Williams, is also linked with a higher level of degeneration, nerve pain, loss of memory, depression, confusion and higher risks of Parkinson’s and ALS. Also, the FDA admitted that statins can elevate one’s chance of high blood sugar and impair the cognitive function, damage the liver, and lead to muscular degeneration. However, they still claim that statins are both safe for use and effective. They point out that their power in averting heart illness has already been established, but still, they need to be taken with care and complete knowledge of their side effects.

So, what can one conclude from the above-mentioned information? Certainly, the side effects and health risks linked with statins are more detrimental than beneficial. Hence, we need to start questioning the advantages and disadvantages of prescription meds and focus more on natural and researched remedies instead. For sure, if you want to maintain optimal health and well-being, you need to be constantly informed about pharmaceuticals!

To learn more about the dangers of cholesterol-lowering drugs, make sure you do not miss out the video below:



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