This Pineapple Water Can Help You Detox Your Body, Lose Weight And Relieve Joint Ache

The truth is, there is rarely a person who dislikes pineapples, right?! Besides its exceptional taste that refreshes us during summer days, it is also one of healthiest fruits out there because of its powerful nutrients like bromelain and vitamin C that can help with a variety of health issues. Moreover, pineapple water which is prepared with pineapple and water has strong healing properties and it makes the ideal natural remedy against poor immunity and joint ache and discomfort and it can also help you shed those few extra pounds!

The best option is to consume it in the morning prior to breakfast to keep your energy levels balanced throughout the day and to improve your mood. If you still have doubts about whether to include pineapple water to your daily diet or not, make sure you read the list below!

The Best Health Advantages of Pineapple Water

  1. Betters the functioning of the thyroid gland

Iodine and bromelain that are present in pineapple have the ability to enhance the health of the thyroid gland.

  1. Encourages loss of weight

Did you know that pineapples can speed up the elimination of surplus water from the body and thus, alleviate water retention? Also, they will better your metabolism and help the body shed pounds and water weight.

  1. Can help with cancer

Recent studies indicate that bromelain may be more potent than 5-fluoroacil, a commonly-used medication for chemotherapy.

  1. Improves the eyesight

The beta-carotene from pineapple will better your vision. Opt for 3 or more pineapple servings on the daily to minimize the chance for macular degeneration and other vision-related problems caused by aging.

  1. Strengthens the gums and teeth

The calcium from pineapple is highly recommendable for stronger gums and teeth.

  1. Eliminates parasites from the intestines

When you consume it regularly, pineapple water can help you expel all intestinal worms and parasites within three days or so.

  1. Alleviates inflammation

The bromelain from pineapple possesses antioxidant properties and it will therefore lower inflammation and detoxify the whole body. What’s more, pineapple water can speed up the healing of injuries and decrease the severity of conditions such as arthritis.

  1. Beneficial for the digestion

Pineapple water is good for the digestive processes because of the bromelain in it which will improve the numerous digestive processes.

Recipe for Pineapple Water

You will need:

A medium sized pineapple

A liter of water

6 mint leaves

Preparation: First, peal and then chop the pineapple into pieces and then mix it with the water and add the mint. Leave it for 10 hours before consuming it.

Use: Consume a glass of the pineapple water in the morning.