Mysterious Honey Discovered That Kills All Bacteria Scientists Throw At It

You probably know a lot about the long-term health advantages of consuming raw, unprocessed honey, but what you may not know is what this special honey can do for you! According to Science Daily, it has a better effect on destroying superbugs than antibiotics. This special honey is known as manuka honey.

The Findings on Manuka Honey

According to the findings published in the European Journal of Clinical Microbiology and Infections Disease from 2009, manuka honey can be of great aid in fighting off highly resistant superbugs. This honey is made in New Zealand and it is also known as jelly bush honey. Nowadays, it has become very popular and therefore, a lot of fake manuka honeys have appeared. As a result, New Zealand producers are requesting for trademark protection, similarly to French champagne or Scottish whiskey.

According to the Australian team of researchers, manuka honey destroyed every bacteria and pathogen that they used to test the honey on. When applied topically, it is able to alleviate skin infections, cuts, bites from insects and when ingested, it will kill bad bacteria and pathogens. What’s more, none of these superbugs were capable of building immunity as it is the case with antibiotics. Manuka honey can be also beneficial in bettering the digestion, strengthening the immunity, boosting your energy levels, and relieving stomach ache.

The Fall of Antibiotics

New antibiotics have short shelf lives due to the fact that the bacteria they address become resistant to them quickly. Hence, a lot of pharmaceutical companies have stopped the production of antibiotics due to the difficulty of recovering costs. This being said, powerful and useful alternatives to antibiotics could be lifesaving.

According to AltHealthWorks, manuka honey is rich in a compound known as methylglyoxal which combines with other compounds and causes failure in the bacteria and pathogens.

How to Reap Its Benefits?

  • You can apply it onto acne to lower inflammation and irritation, as well as to alleviate eczema; apply a thin layer, leave it on for 15 minutes, and then rinse off the area with water
  • To strengthen the immunity and improve your digestion, consume 2 tbsp of it on a daily basis, either on its own or combined with other foods like toast, yogurt, tea, etc.
  • To address minor cuts and wounds, apply manuka honey onto a bandage and then attach it to the wound. Change the bandage every few hours



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