6 Simple Things that Will Help You Be more Positive

The great Lao Tzu once said, “Watch your character; it becomes your destiny” and many will agree that this is not far from the truth. The views we have on life often shape our destiny; so, we can always try and better our perspective and thus, lead a more positive life.

According to Psychology Today, every human has inner messages playing in our minds. This internal dialogue impacts our actions, habits, words, relationship, and eventually, our destiny.

But, this self-talk may often be negative and cause problems in our daily lives. We become obsessed with what is negative in the world and always expect the worst to happen. Unfortunately, negative thinking may easily turn into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Though you may not be a believer in the law of attraction, there are studies which have shown the connection between positive thoughts and success. To learn how to bring more positivity in your life, check out the 6 simple steps shown below.

6 Simple Ways to Be more Positive

  1. Take care of your body

The type of lifestyle you lead can significantly impact your thoughts. According to Health and Love Page, there is a lot of truth in the saying “you are what you eat”. Therefore, be more careful about your diet, but also allow your body to rest by getting sufficient sleep and exercise regularly to feel good. Treat your body with care and respect and give it the nutrients it needs.

  1. Find time to do the things you love

In today’s busy life, whether it is school, the kids, or our job, we rarely have time to do the things we enjoy the most. When it is the last time you watched your favorite TV show or enjoyed a soothing foot bath? To make more time for these things, learn to make and set boundaries and have at least one hour of the day dedicated on alone-time and self care.

  1. Transform the negative into positive

As difficult as it may seem, do your best to see the good in situations, no matter how bad they are. Instead of focusing only on the negative things that have happened and feel depressed, stop and consider what are the positive aspects, no matter how small they are. Things will not always work out the way we want them to; however, believe that it will be better and that you will be blessed with more good. Never talk down to yourself when you do not succeed in something, but use the situation to learn from it and grow. For example, you may not have gotten the job you wanted and now you feel disappointed. But, do not be, it means that you will have more time to yourself and that better things are waiting for you.

  1. Give to receive

Goodness does not just benefit others, but it also helps you feel good about yourself. This applies to even the smallest of kind acts. This will cause you to feel more positivity and fight off negative thoughts. Why not make this a regular thing, i.e. whenever you feel bad about yourself, do something good for someone. No matter if you hold the door for an elderly lady or donate to a charity, the feeling is irreplaceable.

  1. Be grateful

Instead of focusing on what you are not and what you do not have, be grateful for the things you already have and who you are. Practice gratitude for having a cozy bed to sleep in, a good job, or a colleague who always smiles when you see him/her. Showing gratefulness will change your perspective and remind you of the blessings in your life. You can note down three things you are grateful for every day in your journal and strengthen your ability for positive thinking.

  1. Smile more often

Did you know that you can “trick” your mind through smiling? It does not matter if you have something to smile about or not, a simple smile can do wonders. It will change how you feel from inside. Whether you are looking at your computer screen or walking down the street, smile- your mind will thank you. And, do not forget to smile to colleagues or passers-by; it will certainly make their day too!




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