7 Foods that Increase Bone Cartilage & Regenerate It

As explained on Arrow Head Health, the cartilage is a vital connective tissue present throughout different parts in the body. When it is damaged, it can cause inflammation, ache, stiffness, and decreased motion. This could further increase the chances for osteoarthritis, a type of arthritis.

Your diet could be an excellent method to better and strengthen the health of the cartilage. If you want to learn which foods and drinks you need to add to your diet to prevent the risk of osteoarthritis, check out the list shown below…

How to Rebuild Your Cartilage through Diet

  1. Oranges

Collagen is one of the major components of the cartilage and the body needs vitamin C to produce it. Luckily, oranges are abundant in this vitamin! They will boost the collagen production, encourage the cellular healing, and regenerate and protect the cartilage. Vitamin C is also found in bigger amounts in kale, strawberries, red peppers, and kiwis. Collagen is a protein which is pivotal for a youthful and strong skin, thus, oranges will help you feel and look younger. You can drink freshly-squeezed orange juice, add it as an ingredient to healthy desserts, and mix it up in smoothies and homemade fruit juices.

  1. Legumes

In order for the joints to function optimally, there should be too much inflammation. Excessive inflammation is known to contribute to the breakdown of cartilages. This is where legumes can help with their potent anti-inflammatory characteristics. The protein in legumes is known to increase the collagen amounts in the body and thus, help with the rebuilding of the cartilages. Moreover, legumes are rich in lysine, an amino acid which is essential for the regeneration of the cartilages. The most commonly consumed legumes are peanuts, peas, and beans, so, you have plenty to choose from!

  1. Brown rice

Hyaluronic acid is often used in conditions associated with the joints because it lubricates them and acts as a shock absorber. Brown rich is also rich in this acid, therefore, up its intake. You can also provide your body with this substance from other foods like carrots and beef.

  1. Brussels sprouts

As noted on Arrow Head Health, vitamin K is pivotal for the health of the joints and bones. This vitamin is present in a lot of foods, including Brussels sprouts. There are numerous ways in which you can prepare them, from boiled to roasted. Without doubt, this delicious green veggie will significantly boost your vitamin K levels in the body.

  1. Nuts

To elevate the hyaluronic acid in your body, you need magnesium so that you can absorb it from foods optimally. Nuts such as Brazil nuts, almonds, and sesame seeds are rich in magnesium. But, make sure you do not exaggerate with the recommended daily amount because they are also abundant in calories.

Green tea

According to Arrow Head Health, this tea has been found to be of great aid in keeping the cartilage safe and strong. This is achieved with the help of the polyphenols and catechins that it contains. It also possesses numerous other health advantages; so, make sure you have your daily cup of green tea, for healthy cartilage, but optimal overall health too!