Tamarind Helps Remove Fluoride from the Body & Lower the Risk of Chronic Diseases

According to Complete Health and Happiness, fluoride is a neurotoxin which is being added to 75 percent of the drinking water in America. Unfortunately, more than 200 million of Americans ingest this neurotoxin. When it piles up in the body, it can cause numerous health problems, including bone illnesses, lower IQ, fertility issues, and even cancer.

So, a lot of people are researching useful methods to cleanse their bodies from this harmful substance. Luckily for you, in today’s article, we will present one of the best natural ways to do this, i.e. with the help of tamarind! Let us learn more about this amazing fruit.

Tamarind Is Great in Expelling Fluoride from Your Body

This one-of-a-kind fruit has strong cleansing characteristic. This evergreen bush grows in tropical areas in Africa and it has a tangy and a balanced sweet-sour taste. When you eat it regularly, it can help you to eliminate fluoride deposits from your bones and thus, decrease the chances for chronic illnesses.

According to a study from 202, 1/3 of tamarind which was consumed by healthy boys for a period of 18 days sped up the urinary elimination of fluoride, which is a significant amount according to the researchers.

Another study found that tamarind can expel fluoride by moving it from the bones while its seed extract help with inflammation, joint ache, and swelling. Moreover, this fruit is abundant in vitamin C, which is useful for cleansing of the body and for a strong immunity. One 100-gram serving of tamarind will provide more than 10 percent of your daily need for iron and more than 600 mg of potassium. Wow!

Its nutritional profile can:

  • better the blood pressure
  • improve the cardiovascular health
  • minimize surplus bad cholesterol
  • balance your triglyceride levels
  • enhance the production of glutathione- a powerful antioxidant that can fight off a lot of illnesses

Tamarind also contains hydroxycitric acid that impedes the storing of the enzyme alpha amylase. When you make it a regular part of your diet, tamarind will elevate your serotonin levels, which is crucial for weight management and appetite regulation.

So, if you want to lose weight or maintain lost weight, tamarind is your best ally! It also possesses fiber which is excellent for proper digestion, low risk of cancer, and regulated appetite.

Important to Note:

Since tamarind can thin the blood, it may not be the most suitable option for people taking aspirin therapy. Also, before you begin with its consumption, consult your physician or a nutritionist to learn to be sure it does not interfere with any meds you may be taking.