Discover what Smart Phones Are Doing to Our Teenagers

Nowadays, technology is all around us and it has significantly changed our world and how we lead our lives. Now, we can find all kinds of information with just one click and we do not need to leave our house to get it.

Our laptops and smart phones provide us with so many opportunities and significantly ease our lives; however, technology has its downsides too. Even though younger generation are considered to be those who are “addicted” to technology, the older generations have also “infected” themselves with what technology has to offer.

What many of you may not know is that technology has an impact on your overall health and development, especially in young children.

Behavioral Issues in Children Caused By too much Time in Front of a Screen

As seen on Healthy Holistic Living, children who are overusing computers and smartphones may experience worsening of their mental and physical health and their proper development.

And, it appears that parents play a significant role in the amount of time their little ones will spend in front of screens. Namely, if you are a parent who sits a lot of in front of their laptop or smartphone, you have less time to interact and communicate with your child who will end up feeling less important and even frustrated and they will also resort to their phones. Or, they may begin to act out in order to attract your attention. This was discovered by a study- let us learn more about it.

A Study on Parental Usage of Technology & Children’s Behavior

As explained on Healthy Holistic Living, the study included the examination of 170 two-parent homes with children over the age of three in the U.S. The parents were required to answer questions about their usage of technology, including how long, how often, and how they use it. The researchers focused on interruptions in family time, for example, because of texting, scrolling, or playing games.

Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid?

Moreover, the parents needed to answer questions regarding their children’s behavior, including when they were most whiny, irritable, or grumpy. The research team also took into consideration other factors, including education, income, anxiety, and stress, in addition to the technology usage one.

Although additional research is necessary to determine any direct link between parental usage of technology and the behavior of children, the study clearly found an existing relationship.

The Health Problems Associated with Excessive Usage of Technology

  • Depression
  • Brain development and learning problems
  • Eye-related complications
  • Weight problems like obesity
  • Sleep problems
  • Higher risk of diabetes
  • Attention deficit
  • Heart problems
  • Poor posture and neck and back problems

How to Keep Yourself & Your Family Safe from Negative Impact of Technology

  • Put the phone in airplane mode

Airplane mode is not just there for when you are travelling, but it is ideal when you need a break from technology, texting, and social media. You can also put the phone on silent, particularly when you are sleeping or spending quality time with your children and you do not want to be disturbed.

  • Spend time outside more often

Time spent in nature is a time well spent and it is good for your health and that of your family. You can go for a hike or a play some football; the important thing is to explore. Put phones aside and get ready for a family adventure.

  • Instead of watching movies, choose activities

Netflix can be fun and distracting your children with their favorite cartoon so you can finish a chore may seem like a viable solution, but, make sure it does not turn into a habit. Go with activities that enable interaction with your children that will additionally strengthen your bond. You can play cards, dominoes, board games or draw or color together, do a puzzle, etc.

  • Do not use phones when you are at the table

Regardless of whether it is breakfast or dinner, when you sit down on the table to eat, talk with each other and turn off the phones or leave them aside. Make this a regular practice.

  • Have rules for technology use

Excessive use of technology will not just worsen the health of the eyes, but it can mess with other areas of your physical and mental health and that of your children. So, make rules about the time allowed for watching TV, using the computer, etc. and use the remaining time for bonding with your children and other activities.