Grapefruit Seed Extract: Anti-Microbial for UTIs, Candida & MRSA

Did you know that grapefruit seed extract is a potent antimicrobial which is non-toxic and highly beneficial for the fight against infections? In addition to its antimicrobial properties, this extract is also rich in antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial abilities.

Consequently, it can be used for the treatment of urinary tract infections, MRSA, candida overgrowth, vaginal yeast infections, as well as digestive issues linked with eczema. Before we present more information about grapefruit seed extract, let us learn some important information about the difference between good and bad bacteria.

Good vs. Bad Bacteria

Grapefruit seed extract will help you balance the gut microflora, i.e. prevent the overcrowding of bad bacteria and increase the presence of good ones. This extract will impede the fungus, bad bacteria, and pathogens, giving the good bacteria the capacity to do its job and maintain your optimal health. And, this will strengthen your immunity’s capacity to build a good resistance to bugs and other intestinal issues.

Since it is non-toxic, grapefruit seed extract is safe in most cases. But, it is not recommendable for pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding. Moreover, if you happen to be suffering from a serious health problem, it is recommendable to consult your physician first prior to taking it.

It is also vital to note that this extract may interfere with the effects of specific meds. So, if are taking specific meds, make sure you consult your physician first.

What Is Grapefruit Seed Extract?

This citrus seed extract is a supplement which is produced from the pulp and seeds of grapefruit. According to Health Line, this extract is abundant in antioxidants and essential oils that provide its numerous health advantages.

Below, check out a list with its best health advantages:

  • It can destroy more than 60 different types of yeasts and bacteria by inducing apoptosis
  • It possesses potent antioxidants that avert oxidative damage inflicted by free radicals
  • It can help with the treatment of UTIs
  • Reduces alcohol and stress damage of the stomach
  • Alleviates obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol and thus, lowers the overall risk of heart illness
  • Helps improve the blood flow and lowers cell damage and the risk of strokes and blood clots

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the video shown below and learn more about grapefruit seed extract:




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