How To Lower Your Risk Of Pain And Injuries With These 10 Stretches

Regardless of whether you exercise regularly or spend a large part of your day sitting, you need to know the importance of stretching. By stretching the body, you boost the blood flow to the muscles and enhance the movement of the joints.

Moreover, stretching is pivotal for optimal athletic performance and proper posture, as well lower chance for pain and injuries. However, do you know which muscles you are stretching and how to know you are doing the stretches adequately?

If you are not sure, make sure you continue reading our article because we will present 20 optimal stretches to help you reach all of your body goals!

10 Best Stretches for Low Pain & Good Posture

  1. Wide forward fold

This stretch focuses on the adductor muscles. It opens up the hips and stretches the adductors and hamstring.

  2. Camel pose

This stretch is ideal for those who consider themselves flexible. It will focus on the external obliques and rectus abdominus. Remember not to put a lot of pressure on the lumbar spine.

  3. Butterfly stretch

Another great stretch for the adductors; to perform it, you need to sit down on a mat and put the soles of your feet together. The closer your feet get to the body, the higher the stretching in the groin muscles.

  4. Neck rotation

Slowly and gradually rotate your neck from one side to the other by keeping the chin elevated. First, rotate it clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

5. Lateral shoulder stretch

This stretch will highlight the side deltoid. To perform it, put the arm across your body. Apply slight pressure to it with the other arm and stretch. Do the same with other arm.

6. Child’s pose

A great yoga pose and a stretch for the latissimus dorsi muscle. Begin on the hands and knees and bring the hips slowly back and place the forehead on the floor. Rotate the shoulders externally for additional stretch.

7. Deep squat

This is one of the best stretches for the glutes. Stand with the feet and shoulder width-apart. Gradually lower down into a deep squat. Bring the arms inside the legs and apply a light pressure to the inside part of the knees.

8. Seated half pigeon

Another glute stretch-to perform it, sit down and begin to slowly pull the legs to the chest. Move the hip externally and keep the spine straight.

9. Wall stretch

This stretch is recommendable for the pectoral muscles. To perform it, face a wall with the thumbs up. Rotate away from the wall gradually for the stretching to take place.

10. Standing calf stretch

You can do this stretch on a rack or on the edge of a stair steep. Slowly rotate the ankles, both internally and externally. This is a great stretch for the calf muscles.