Natural Treatment for Frozen Shoulder and Be Healed Within Days!

People who have struggled with a frozen shoulder know how debilitating the pain can be! Unfortunately, the conventional therapies such as steroid injections or painkillers do not always offer the much needed relief. So, people are left with the pain and wondering how to solve their problem.

This being said, it is good to know that there are potent-enough natural cures that can help you alleviate this health issue. Before we show you how to treat frozen shoulder naturally at home, let us learn more about what this health problem actually is and what causes it.

Frozen Shoulder Explained

Frozen shoulder is a result of an inflammation happening in the humerus capsule. The joint of the shoulder has a rather loose capsule (articular capsule). As a result, the connective tissue may stiffen and inflame. Usually, the pain and discomfort happens in one shoulder and rarer in both shoulders.

In addition to being painful, a frozen shoulder reduces the whole arm’s mobility too and may lead to other complications. The ache is present all the time and it tends to worsen at night or when the weather is cold. When not treated, the condition may worsen and even prevent your ability to lift the whole arm.

Unfortunately, this may significantly reduce one’s quality of life and make even the simplest tasks demanding.

Inflammatory Foods to Avoid If You Have a Frozen Shoulder

  • Foods abundant in refined carbs and sugar
  • Foods with trans fats
  • Processed meat
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Grains like rye, wheat, and barley

Natural Treatments for Frozen Shoulders

  • Towel stretch

Put a towel behind your back and grab both ends. Pull it with both arms towards the shoulder. Be gentle. For optimal effect, do 10 to 20 reps.

  • Pendulum stretch

Stand up and relax the shoulders. Lean forward with the non-affected arm on a table. Hang down the affected arm hang down vertically and swing it to make a small circle. Gradually elevate the diameter.

Additional Useful Tips

  • Apply hot or cold compresses to relieve swelling and pain
  • Try physical therapy and shoulder manipulation
  • Consume anti-inflammatory DIY juices made with different foods and veggies
  • Increase your magnesium levels- lack of magnesium can elevate the chance for inflammation in the body
  • Try acupuncture




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