The Fittest Grandma in the World: Successful Bodybuilder Turns 81!

Probably,a lot of you who are reading this article have felt ‘too old’ for something, at least once in your lifetime, right? But, believe us, you are not and Ernestine Shepherd is here to prove that. At the age of 81, she is currently the oldest female active bodybuilder in the world. She is a true inspiration for everyone,especially for elderly people.

Unfortunately,most of the people at her age do not look anything like her. What is interesting about Shepherd is that she also has a record in the Guinness Book of World Records. If you are in need of some motivation and inspiration for exercise, you have definitely found it. Below, learn more about the story about this amazing woman!

Who Is Ernestine Shepherd?

She was born on June 16th in 1936 and believe it or not, she did not begin exercising until she was 56. She entered the world of sports because of her sister who passed away due to a brain aneurysm. She decided that it is high time to take better care about her health. At this point, she was already diagnosed with hypertension, but decided that it is time to make positive changes.

30 years later, Shepherd wakes up at 3 am, runs around 80 miles on a weekly basis, and follows a calorie-controlled nutrition based on chicken meat, veggies, and boiled egg whites and drinks lots and lots of water.She explains that the secret behind her perseverance and success is that we should ‘never give up’.

Good to have this saying in mind the next time you decide to skip gym day, right?! 

Want to know how Shepherd looks like? No worries-check out her Instagram here.

If you want to learn more about the life story of this inspirational woman, do not forget to check out the video shown below:




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