Studies Link Soda Drinks with Depression, Kidney & Brain Damage, & Heart Attacks

Unfortunately, though manufacturers may claim otherwise, soda drinks are filled with artificial flavors and chemical preservatives. When talking about soda drinks, Coke is one such drink which is filled with phosphoric acid, both a preservative and artificial flavor. This substance has been associated to serious health issues, including kidney damage, depression, heart attacks, and brain damage.

Moreover, one can of coke contains around 10 tsp of refined sugar or 100 percent of the RDA! If you still consume Coke on a regular basis, continue reading the article! We will present important information about why you need to ditch this unhealthy soft drink…

What Happens to You after Drinking Coke

After 20 minutes, your blood sugar elevates. Your liver is trying to compensate by transforming surplus sugar into fat and stores it in different body parts.

After 40 minutes, the caffeine from it has been completely absorbed. The body responds to the absorption and the pupils dilate, the blood pressure becomes higher, and the liver releases additional sugar in the blood.

After 45 minutes, the body’s dopamine production increases and you get a short-term sensation of pleasure.

After 60 minutes, the body experiences a crash in sugar and thus, you will feel tired, your mood will worsen, and you may also feel lethargic.

The Health Problems Linked with Soda Drinks

  • Lead to depression

According to the AAN, people who consumed more than 4 cans of soda on the daily had 30 percent higher chance of suffering from depression than those who did not drink it at all.

  • It damages the kidneys

According to the National Kidney Foundation, soda drinks are no good for the kidneys. In fact, according to one study, the kidney function reduced in a period of two decades in women who consumed several cans of soda drinks on a daily basis. More precisely, their risk increased 30 percent more than in the women who did not consume it.

  • It negatively affects the brain

Overconsumption of sugar does not have a negative effect on the body only, but on the brain too. Namely, aspartame, a commonly added artificial sweetener in these drinks causes an imbalance in the antioxidant/pro-oxidant status in the brain.

  • Weakens the health of the heart

If you drink soft beverages on a regular basis, your heart health may decrease. Unfortunately, in a Harvard study, it was concluded that soda drinks elevate the chance for heart illness. The study also associated it with changes in inflammation, lipids, and leptin. The risk of heart attack in the participants who consumed the highest amount was 20 percent higher than in those who did not.




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