Ginger Essential Oil To Reduce Bloating, Joint Ache And Inflammation

Ginger is a flowering plant and its root is used as a spice and a natural remedy for thousands of years. Thanks to its amazing digestive abilities, it is a vital part of Asian cuisine. When it comes to food preparation, ginger is added to different meals, including meals with meat.

In addition to fresh ginger, there is also the potent ginger essential oil with nearly the same health benefits. In fact, the oil is considered to be the most powerful form of ginger due to the high amounts of gingerol. The oil can be taken orally to relieve specific conditions or applied topically to reduce pain and inflammation.

Nowadays, ginger oil is used for a long list of medicinal purposes, including upset stomach, nausea, inflammation, menstrual disorders, and respiratory conditions. If you still have doubts about adding ginger to your daily diet, continue reading our article to read more about its health advantages in detail.

The Major Health Benefits of Ginger

  • Relieves food poisoning

Since it possesses antiseptic and carminative abilities, ginger essential oil can be very beneficial in relieving food poisoning, intestinal infections, and bacterial dysentery.

  • Reduces pain

Ginger oil can naturally lower ache thanks to its ability to lower the pain-related compounds, i.e. prostaglandins.

  • Helps with chronic disease

In a research published in the journal Nutrition, it was discovered that regular consumption of 2 to 4 grams of ginger can avert chronic illnesses.

  • Balances the blood pressure

When consumed regularly, ginger root can decrease the chance for hypertension by 8 percent. According to a study, this is achieved thanks to its capacity to block the voltage-dependent calcium channels.

  • Decreases risk of cardiovascular problems

When used regularly, ginger oil can minimize your chance of atherosclerosis and blood clotting, as well as high levels of bad cholesterol.

  • Good for the digestive system

Ginger oil can boost your digestion and reduce spasms, indigestion, and flatulence. It will also better your appetite so it is great for people who need to gain some weight.

  • Alleviates respiratory issues

Did you know that ginger oil has an amazing effect on your respiratory health? Namely, it can help you reduce flu and cold symptoms, as well as symptoms of bronchitis and asthma.

DIY Ginger Oil Recipe

What is great about this oil is that you can prepare it at home with a couple of affordable ingredients. Check out the recipe below.

You will need:

A cup of freshly grated ginger

1 ½ cups of olive oil

An oven-safe bowl


Sterilized bottles

Preparation: Fill the bowl with the olive oil and then add the freshly grated ginger. Combine the ingredients and put them in the oven. Bake for 2 hours on 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Afterwards, filter the content through cheesecloth.

Squeeze out well to get the oil. Store it into sterilised bottles and keep them in a dry and cool area. It will keep its freshness for up to 6 months.




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