How To Use Okra Water To Help Reduce Blood Sugar, Bad Cholesterol And Fatigue

Did you know that okra, the veggie with the odd texture and finger-like appearance, is one of the healthiest additions to diets? This is because it has so many different health benefits to offer and better your overall health.

And, you do not need to necessarily cook with it or eat it raw to reap its benefits- you can achieve the same effect by drinking okra water.

Okra originates from the tropical countries in the Eastern hemisphere and it is a fuzzy pod plant with seeds and gelatine-like substance. This makes okra ideal for thickening soups or adding some extra texture to your meals.

Let us check out how to make okra water at home and then learn about the main advantages that okra has to offer.

Okra Water Recipe

This is the ideal drink for those who do not like the taste of okra, but still want to benefit from it. Here is what you will need:

5 okra pods

1 glass of water

Preparation: Soak the pods overnight. In the morning, strain the content and enjoy the okra water. Enjoy!

Extra tip: You can also slice the pods before soaking them. Even though this will make the water taste a bit bitter, it will extract additional beneficial compounds.

Health Advantages of Okra

  • Rich in fiber

Thanks to the abundance in fiber, okra will better your digestion and minimize hunger pangs by maintaining your fullness. Fiber is also needed to maintain the blood sugar level balanced.

  • Reduces tiredness

According to a study from 2015 published in Nutrients, when combined with physical activity, adding okra to your nutrition can help you exercise long enough without feeling overly fatigued.

  • Lowers stress

In a study published in The Scientific World Journal it was discovered that the antioxidant in okra seeds can lower stress in laboratory mice. The hope is that the same effect may be noted in people too.

  • Balances the blood sugar levels

According to a study with laboratory mice published in the Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Medicine, okra was able to decrease the blood sugar in diabetic mice. This is a potential indicator that foods abundant in antioxidants and fiber may be of aid for people who are at risk of diabetes or already have it.