The 5 Amazing Benefits of Blackberry: It Fights Off Inflammation & Cancer

Blackberry, similarly to blueberries, contains amazing health benefits and supplies us with at least one third of the daily need for nutrients. Delicious and healthy, this fruit can help you fight off everything from premature skin aging to aggressive types of cancer.

What is also great about it is that it goes great with so many different foods. If you still have doubts why it is pivotal to add it to your diet, continue reading the article. We will present its 5 major health benefits.

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The Marvelous Blackberry & Its Health Benefits

  • Betters brain function

According to studies, blackberries have an excellent potential to boost the brain function, similarly to other berries abundant in antioxidants. This top brain food can better short-term memory and it also contains manganese, a pivotal nutrient for the brain. Namely, manganese deficiency has been associated with brain conditions such as epilepsy. So, to get your brain synapses firing in the right way, opt for a cup of blackberries on the daily.

  • Averts and slows down cancer

Blackberries are rich in polyphenols, types of antioxidants which possess anticancer properties, particularly the anthocyanin. They block the oxidative stress that makes the cancer grow. What’s more, one study found that one specific anthocyanin known as cyanidin-3-glucoside helped with lung cancer. Vitamin K may also play its role in the anti-tumor capacity of blackberries. One cup of blackberries contains more than a third of the RDA for this vitamin which is known to avert and help in the fight against colon, nasal, stomach, oral, and prostate cancer.

  • Benefits the cardiovascular health

Vitamin K in blackberries is very important for the health of the heart. It prevents arterial hardening by removing surplus calcium out and reducing the chance for plaque buildup linked with serious health problems. Sufficient amount of vitamin K in the body is important for the blood pressure, low inflammation, and low risk of heart attacks.

  • Soothes the skin

Did you know that blackberry extract can keep the skin safe from UVB damage thanks to its antioxidant capacity? Moreover, it will keep the cells which create a protective epidermis layer safe and replenish it. This is all a result of the anthocyanins. The vitamin C which they contain will help you maintain a healthy and strong skin by boosting the production of collagen, reducing the dryness, and averting premature aging. What’s more, the nutrients from blackberries possess antiviral properties- they will reduce skin infections, particularly herpes virus linked with cold sores.

  • Lowers inflammation and strengthens the immunity

Inflammation is the main cause for a long list of health problems. Though inflammation is a natural activity as part of the immunity’s defense system for protection from bad cells, surplus inflammation can be problematic. This is where blackberries can be of aid-they can minimize inflammation. Blackberries were found to be particularly helpful in the case of inflammation and stomach ulcers. They will also decrease free radical damage that induces aging and weakens the immunity.




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