370 Schools in England Bring Mindfulness & Meditation in the Curriculum

Did you know that when children are acting out and screaming, they are usually behaving like that because they do not know a better way to release their emotions?

The child yells and cannot stay calm because he/she is battling with an array of complex feelings which are completely new to them.

But, schools in England have found ways to deal with this issue, i.e. they have decided to introduce mindfulness and meditation to their curriculums and better the children’s mental health and well-being.

We definitely think this is an amazing idea if we take into account that numerous studies have shown the ability of these practices to improve the mental health.

Children in England Will Meditate & Practice Mindfulness

In 370 schools throughout England, children will learn how to meditate, how to relax their muscles, and how to breathe properly and practice mindfulness. In secondary school, the students will learn more about awareness and how to implement it in their daily lives.

This program is done under a mental health study which the British government is running up until 2021.

Depression in Youth Is Rising

Sadly, nowadays, more and more young children are showing symptoms of early onset depression and anxiety. According to the NHS, every 1 in 8 British children has a mental disorder. However, only 1 in 5 children has the ability to get the needed treatment.

The good news is that England is not the sole country that has decided to introduce children to meditation and mindfulness. Back in 2016, a school in Baltimore replaced detention for meditation.

That is, the children were given the opportunity to do breathing exercises and stretch out rather than sit in detention. This was a method implemented to enhance the calmness in children and boost their focus and clarity.

According to a student who was sent to the mindfulness room because of pushing and name-calling a peer, he ‘did some deep breathing exercises, had a small snack, and got himself together and then apologized to his classmates.’

Experts believe that though teaching children how to cope with their feelings is something new and challenging, but it definitely has its benefits. Children will be taught valuable techniques to address feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety and to enhance their focus on the present moment through mindfulness.




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