All-Natural DIY Eczema Cream Made from Essential Oils

Believe it or not, eczema, a skin condition, is a problem for around 35 million Americans! Eczema can be of different types and caused by numerous reasons; however, there are some common symptoms it is manifested through. Some of them include itchy and dry skin, sensitive skin, crusting of the skin, swollen areas, as well as scaly or rough skin patches.

People with eczema usually use store-bought creams and ointments to relieve their condition; however, a lot of these products contain chemicals and other toxins that may cause additional problems.

Luckily, there are natural DIY creams that eczema sufferers can benefit from. Continue reading our article to learn how to prepare your own organic eczema cream and relieve those annoying and unpleasant symptoms.

DIY Natural Eczema Management Cream

You will need:

½ cup of shea butter

½ cup of organic coconut or almond oil

A tbsp of organic honey

20 drops of lavender essential oil

8 drops of tea tree oil

Preparation: In a double boiler, melt the shea butter and coconut oil. Once they become homogeneous, add the honey and mix until it also melts. Then, add the essential oils and turn off the heat. Leave it to cool down and stir while it cools down to get a lotion-like texture. Afterwards, transfer the content into a proper container.

Use: Apply it once in the morning and once in the evening onto the affected areas.

Important to note:

Before using this homemade anti-eczema cream, it is important to perform a test on a small area of skin. This is because some essential oils can lead to allergic reactions and thus, cause additional problems.

The Benefits of the Ingredients

  • Coconut oil is a potent natural moisturizer with strong antibacterial abilities. It is highly beneficial in reducing the amount of bad bacteria that may be causing the eczema in the first place.
  • Honey is a potent superfood which is great for the skin and protecting it from external negative effects. Moreover, as it is an antibacterial, it is great for fighting off bad bacteria that can trigger an eczema flare up.
  • Lavender essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial abilities and thus, it is great for eczema sufferers. However, it is not recommended for children younger than 2.
  • Tea tree oil possesses anti-inflammatory abilities and thus, it is highly beneficial in the treatment of psoriasis and eczema. However, since it may be too strong for some people, especially for those with more sensitive skin, it is best to start with one or two drops to see for potential reactions.




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