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Miraculous Tibetan Natural Cure: A 2000-Year-Old Elixir of Youth

Elixir of Youth: 2000-Year-Old Tibetan Natural Remedy

Did you know that this Tibetan natural cure was discovered written on clay in a Buddhist monastery in Tibet approximately 2 millenniums ago? It is highly beneficial in reducing triglyceride levels and calcium deposits from the blood vessels. Also known as the elixir of youth, this remedy is considered to […]

All-Natural DIY Eczema Cream Made from Essential Oils

All-Natural DIY Eczema Cream Made from Essential Oils

Believe it or not, eczema, a skin condition, is a problem for around 35 million Americans! Eczema can be of different types and caused by numerous reasons; however, there are some common symptoms it is manifested through. Some of them include itchy and dry skin, sensitive skin, crusting of the […]

Lemon & Garlic Mixture: Potent Mixture to Clear Out Heart Blockages

Lemon And Garlic Remedy To Help Clear Out Heart Blockages

A simple recipe, yet so powerful when it comes to clogged arteries… Approximately one decade ago, one woman in Germany was diagnosed with a serious heart problem. She was scheduled for cardiovascular surgery. One friend, hearing of her health problem, advised her to try out one natural remedy. The remedy […]