This Happens when You Eat Garlic on an Empty Stomach

Did you know that a lot of people eat garlic on an empty stomach in the morning because of its great healing potential? Garlic, part of the Allium family is a close relative to onions, leeks, and shallots and it is much more than an excellent seasoning for different meals.

Believe it or not, people regularly use it as a natural remedy because of its strong healing potential and abundance of nutrients. Known and used since ancient times, garlic is also a popular remedy these days and more and more individuals are realizing its amazing properties and using it on a regular basis.

If you still have doubts why you need to consume a clove of garlic per day on an empty stomach, continue reading our article. We will present the major health benefits of this powerful veggie.

The Best Health Benefits of Eating a Clove of Garlic every Day

  • Betters the blood flow

Since it is abundant in vitamin B, garlic can help you strengthen the blood vessels and boost the blood flow. It will minimize high levels of homocysteine which have been related to blood clots.

  • A potent natural antibiotic

Thanks to its antibiotic power, garlic can be a great way to naturally strengthen your immunity, speed up the healing of mild infections, and fight off colds and the flu.

  • Beneficial for the liver

As a powerful natural detoxifier, garlic can help eliminate toxins and parasites, as well as heavy metals and other toxins from the liver. And, it is rich in vitamins A, B, and C that are good for optimal liver function. Since it is also an anti-inflammatory agent, it can be of aid those suffering from fatty liver.

  • Nourishes the skin

A clove of garlic per day on an empty stomach will help you have a glowing, smooth, and healthy skin. Thanks to the antioxidants which it contains, garlic will regenerate and protect your skin, but also fight off acne and rejuvenate your cells.  

  • Lowers bad cholesterol

Thanks to its compound known as allicin, garlic can help you strengthen your cardiovascular health by lowering the bad cholesterol.

  • Boosts your digestion

When you start to consume a clove of garlic every morning on an empty stomach, you will significantly better your digestion. Garlic will achieve this by stimulating the gastric acid needed for food absorption and by boosting the pancreas and liver function.

Important to Note

Remember, despite all of its health advantages, there are situations when garlic needs to be avoided. Here are some of them:

  • If you take anticoagulant meds
  • If you have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism
  • If you take heart meds




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