Consume Chai Tea and Lower Inflammation, Better the Digestion & Strengthen the Immunity

If you are searching for a natural way to reduce indigestion or to strengthen your immunity, you have come to the right place!

In this article, we are going to talk about chai tea which does not just help strengthen the immunity and boost the digestion, but it also helps lower the risk of cancer and skin problems.

Before we go on to show you the recipe, let us learn a bit more about chai tea…

What Exactly Is Chai Tea?

For a lot of people from Asian countries, chai is the same as tea. But, in the West, chai tea is considered to be a spicy drink that is a mixture of several herbs and spices with unique flavour.

Chai masala tea is not just tasty, but healthy as well. It keeps the heart healthy, helps reduce aches, and decreases the risk of illnesses.

But, remember, the chai tea sold at Starbucks and other coffee shops is not the real thing. In most cases, it contains a lot of additives and sugar which are in no way included in traditional chai tea. It is best to make your own blend!

For centuries, this tea has been a part of Chinese traditional and Ayurvedic medicine. Even though the recipe varies depending on the region of origin, it does contain specific staple ingredients.

How Does Chai Tea Taste?

Also known as masala chai, this tea is a combination of tasty flavours and releases a spicy aroma which will awake all of your senses.

Thanks to the pepper and ginger, the tea has the right amount of kick whereas the cloves and cinnamon contribute to the earthy tone. It can be the great alternative to coffee because it contains caffeine. You can sweeten it with some dairy or nut milk.

How to Brew My Own Chai Tea?

Usually, this tea is prepared with warm milk and warm water. The milk provides a creamy and rich taste that is the ideal contrast to the herbs and spices. You can brew it with a liquid tea base or tea bags.

You can purchase them at stores or local coffee shops. There is also the option of making your own chai tea blend in your own kitchen with peppercorns, cardamom pods, cloves, ginger, black tea, and cinnamon sticks.

To begin, add the chai spices and loose leaf tea levels in a teapot. Use 2 grams or a tsp of tea leaves and spices for 8 oz. of water.

Now, boil the water to 212 F for optimal flavour release.

When the water reaches the adequate temperature, add the tea leaves and steep for 5 minutes. If you want iced chai, brew same as for hot tea and allow the mixture to cool to room temperature before consumption.

Add the previously warmed nut or dairy milk and the desired sweetener (honey, white sugar, brown sugar).