DIY Probiotic Lemonade: Strengthens the Immunity & Boosts Gut Health

With the hot days already here, there is nothing more enjoyable than a tall glass of lemonade, especially when it is homemade and with all-natural ingredients.

Unlike store-bought lemonade, the one we make on our own does not contain any additives and flavourings and it is healthy and nourishing.

Suitable for both children and adults, it is definitely the drink we need to keep the body hydrated and healthy throughout the summer.

Enriched with whey to have probiotic power, the lemonade recipe we will present in this article will certainly become your favourite drink of all times!

Homemade Fermented Lemonade Recipe

You will need:

12 lemons, organic

½ cup of evaporated cane sugar

A cup of fresh whey

A gallon of water

A gallon glass jar

A bowl

Rubber band



Preparation: First, use the cheesecloth to pressure the whey out of the yogurt. You can do this by placing it over the edges of a bowl and then pouring the yogurt on the middle.

Then, tie the cheesecloth on the top with a rubber band and droop it over the bowl for several minutes. This will probably suffice for a cup of whey.

Now, it is time to juice the lemons. Then, in the glass jar, mix the lemon juice and whey. Add ½ cup of sugar.

Add the water (make sure it is cold) and mix everything together. Keep the jar at room temperature for 48 hours before you start consuming it.

Extra tip:

Add a bit more sugar in case the lemonade is too tart for your taste.

Why Do We Need Probiotics?

 These live bacteria and yeasts are good for our health, especially the digestive system. In addition to acquiring them from some foods such as yogurt, they can be found in supplement form too.

They will help you keep a balance between the good and bad bacteria. The probiotics usually come from one or other group, i.e. lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.