Ice Bath: How Cold Therapy Affects The Body And the Brain

Would you believe if we told you that there is one thing we can do for 30 to 90 seconds every morning and improve our overall health and elevate your energy levels, boost the mood, and improve brain chemistry?

Plus, this treatment will cost you nothing! Though you may be skeptical at first, after you learn more about this method, you will be amazed by what it can do for you! Learn more about cold therapy below.

Icy Cold Shower: The Answer to Poor Health?

When we say icy cold shower, we don’t refer to a coldish shower, but a very cold one, i.e. 38 degrees icy cold water. Doing this therapy for the first time can feel long and unbearable and make you get out as soon as possible.

But, if you keep with it, you will be wide awake, your focus will enhance, and you will be able to tackle with all the challenges of the day. If you still have a doubt about trying an icy cold bath, continue reading the article.

We will present 10 science-proven health benefits it offers…

7 Best Health Benefits of Ice Cold Water

  • Deepens the breathing

By making your breathing deeper, cold therapy elevates the oxygen levels in your body, the heart rate, and enhances the cardiac function.

  • Helps speed up recovery

Cold therapy can help you recover from workout by lowering the swelling and lactic acid responsible for muscle soreness. It works by constricting the blood vessels. This is why cold therapy is very popular among sportspeople. It can also be of aid for quicker recovery from injuries.

  • It betters the blood flow

Since it has the power to improve the blood flow, it will enhance the pumping of blood in the arteries.

  • Good for the blood pressure

Thanks to this therapy, you can help balance the blood pressure and strengthen the immunity.

  • Lowers uric acid levels

In a 1994 study, it was concluded that this therapy significantly lowered the levels of uric acid while it elevated the glutathione levels. This is an antioxidant which plays a major role in the overall health.

  • Reduces stress

This therapy will trigger the sympathetic nervous system to increase the beta-endorphin and noradrenaline, a feel-good cocktail from chemicals which increases the sense of well-being and the energy levels and lower the cortisol levels.

  • Makes you stronger

Regular ice cold therapy helps make you stronger and increase your stress resilience.