Intermittent Fasting Helps Doctor Lose 60 Pounds in 18 Months

Dr. Kevin Gendreau watched his sister die because of cancer and he realized that she didn’t have a choice in health. But, he did. Thanks to intermittent fasting, Gendreau was able to lose 125 pounds.

Unfortunately, Gendreau lost his 32-year-old sister to cancer and he watched her grow sicker and sicker-she had aggressive ovarian cancer. This is when he decided it’s time to reevaluate his health.

He was 28 at the time and a resident physician with 300 pounds and 5 feet and 9 inches height.

He said he chose to be unhealthy while his poor sister Rachel had no choice. Today, 31 years old, Gendreau looks so much better.

Gendreau Realizes It’s High Time to Do Something about His Obesity

The doctor first gained 50 pounds during college freshman year and binge-ate to cope with stress. After they lost their father due to a rare melanoma, the doctor began to see comfort in food. In medical school, he gained even more.

After seeing his sister deal with an aggressive cancer, he decided it’s time to fix his lifestyle that has caused his health problems, including hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, and sleep apnea.

He explains this was a slow onset and that he went to medical school without dealing with his depression and eating issues because of losing his father.

After he realized that being overweight is a choice, he focused on weight loss in a way he couldn’t do before.

In August 2016, he focused on cutting the processed carbs and consumed only 1700 calories per day and he tracked his calorie intake using a weight loss app.

And, the first 40 pounds somehow just melted off.  He had no idea he’s as strong as he is, mentally. Because of binge and emotional eating, you tend to lose faith in the power to manage your hunger and emotions.

Gendreau Makes Further Diet Improvements, Loses even more Weight

After hitting a plateau, he decided to change up his diet-he began eating chicken, turkey, legumes, veggies, black coffee, tea, non-fat Greek yogurt, fruits, and nuts.

This change led to even more weight loss. Still, he had 225 pounds, which was still a lot.

He says he felt much better; however, with his sister’s condition worsening, he knew he was going to be crucial in the lives of her children.

He Lost His Sister & Decided to Try Out Intermittent Fasting

After losing his sister to cancer in 2017, he was left with her children Henry and Sophia, 3 and 7, respectively. He restarted his weight loss again, this time, with intermittent fasting.

From noon to 8 pm, he consumed as much calories as he wanted-he lost 60 pounds of a 125 pounds in a period of 18 months.

As of February 2018, he has successfully kept his current weight and doesn’t take any meds and has reversed the health problems from before.




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