Lying in a Hot Bath Burns as many Calories as a 30-Minute Walk

Apparently, sleeping isn’t the only way our body burns calories while doing practically nothing.

Namely, a new study concluded that a hot bath can help burn as many calories as a half-an-hour walk.

The study done by UK’s Loughborough University researchers followed the blood sugar levels and energy expenditure of 14 men who went for a bike ride for an hour and spent one hour in a bath water heated to 104 degrees F.

Lying in a Hot Bath Helps Burn Calories as much as Walking Does

Although the research showed that the participants spent more calories while cycling, they burned amazing 130 calories while in a hot bath, which is the same as the number of calories you would burn if you were to go for a 30-minute walk.

Although the blood sugar levels of the participants were around 10 percent lower after a bath than after the bike ride, bathing had a similar, anti-inflammatory response on the body as workout.

However, this was a study done with only male participants, so the response in women may differ.

How Does a Hot Bath Help Us Burn Calories?

According to the research associate Steve Faulkner who was part of the research team, there’s no definitive answer about how long should someone stay in the hot bath to burn more calories.

However, he does point out the similar advantages of regularly having baths and exercise.

But, the research doesn’t show whether a bath longer than half an hour would result in burning more calories or whether the water has to be kept at a certain temperature to ensure calories are being burned.

Faulkner thinks that there’s a chance that warmer water may enhance the effects; however, it would certainly become uncomfortable quicker.

Despite not sure of the exact link between calorie burning and hot baths, Faulkner notes that it’s probably a result of the higher energy demand to keep a heat balance and optimize the body’s temperature, resulting in a calorie burn.