Once You Learn this about Beets, You Will Never Look at them in the Same Way

Beetroots or beets are very versatile and vibrant veggies. It boasts an earthy aroma and flavor.

It brings color to the plate and pretty amazing nutrients, including minerals, vitamins, and other compounds rich in healing properties.

Beets are yummy and easily added to various dishes including fries, hummus, roasted beets, etc. And, if you still aren’t sure, check out the following benefits. You’ll never look at beets the same again.

They’re so nutritious!

The Best Health Benefits of Beets

Rich in nutrients and calories

Beets are and low in calories, fat, and carbs and rich in folate, fiber, manganese, magnesium, vitamins B6 and C, iron, copper, potassium, etc.

The folate in beets is helpful for growth, development, and a healthy heart.

Manganese plays a role in the metabolism of nutrients, brain function, and formation of bones.

Their abundance in copper is also amazing if we take into account that this mineral is essential for the production of energy and the synthesis of specific neurotransmitters.

Balances the blood pressure

According to some studies, beet juice helps reduce systolic and diastolic blood pressure. The effect is better on the systolic blood pressure or the pressure of the heart contracting. The diastolic is the heart’s pressure when relaxed.

These blood pressure-reducing properties are considered to be the result of the nitrates that this veggie contains. These nitrates are transformed into nitric oxide in the body.

This molecule spreads the blood vessels and decreases the blood pressure. They also contain folate which has been found to help reduce blood pressure levels temporarily.

Enhances the athletic performance

The nitrates in beets may be of aid for better athletic performance. It does this by boosting the mitochondria efficiency that is responsible for the production of energy in the cells.  

It may also boost endurance and increase the time needed for the body to become tired. It also betters the efficiency and cardiorespiratory performance of athletes.

May relieve inflammation

The betalains in beets are rich in anti-inflammatory characteristics. Chronic inflammation has been associated with illnesses like cardiovascular disease, obesity, liver illness, and cancer.

Studies have found the intake of beet juice to be beneficial for reducing blood pressure and betalain capsules with beetroot extract lowered ache and discomfort in elderly with osteoarthritis.

Beneficial for the digestion

A cup of beet juice has 3.4 grams of fiber, which makes it a great source of fiber. Fiber travels to the colon and there it feeds the friendly gut bacteria and boosts the stool’s bulkiness.

This helps better digestion, relieves constipation and IBS symptoms, and reduces symptoms of diverticulitis.