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10 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

10 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds

If you’ve been decorating with pumpkins for Halloween, don’t just scoop out and throw away the seeds. In fact, keep them and roast them-they’re so healthy and delicious. They’re packed with some impressive nutrients, despite their small size, and you’ll get some zinc, magnesium, as well as healthy fats from […]

How to Make Crispy Garlic-Roasted Autumn Veggies

Autumn is here and it means there’s plenty of veggie variety we can choose from and prep some delicious meals. You can use the numerous autumn veggies to mix up your side dish, to make mouthwatering combo with rib stews, and combine some delicious and warming soups for those chilly […]

Delicious Cheddar Biscuits, Vegan-Friendly

Most of you have probably tried or at least know how delicious the popular biscuits at the Red Lobster are.  But, this vegan version is an even more delicious and healthier option. Dense and filling, they make an excellent snack or even a side dish. Sometimes, they can even make […]