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How to Train Your Brain to Stop Worrying

Although we cannot escape worrying, overthinking can be difficult and if it turns into a habit, it can reduce your quality of life, happiness, and overall health and well-being. When a person worries too much, it means that they are constantly pondering on what will happen in the future, i.e. […]

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Are You Fatigued, Dizzy, Breathless & Unable to Sleep? You May Be Anemic. Try These 3 Juices to Elevate the Blood Count

Anemia is a medical condition manifested by insomnia, rapid heartbeat, and tiredness from even the simplest physical activities. This disorder develops due to the insufficient amount of red blood cells which transport the oxygen throughout the whole body. In anemic individuals, the levels of hemoglobin are also low, in addition […]

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Why You Should Eat Watermelon Seeds & How

When it comes to watermelon seeds, we are all pretty annoyed when we need to remove them from watermelon slices in order to finally start eating it. However, little do we know that these seeds actually posess one-of-a-kind health advantages and they should definitely not be thrown away, but eaten. […]