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White as never before: DIY All-Natural Teeth Whitening Powder

How To Make Your Own All-Natural Teeth Whitening Powder

Like most people do, you probably also want a bright and healthy smile and white teeth. But, getting your teeth professionally whitened is not necessarily affordable and the over-the-counter whitening creams do not always provide the wanted results. Plus, these bleaching products are often filled with strong chemicals that can […]

5 DIY Remedies to Fight Off Bad Breath Naturally

5 DIY Remedies to Fight Off Bad Breath Naturally

Bad breath or halitosis is an unpleasant odor felt from the mouth and it is a common health problem for 25 to 30 percent of the world population. The causes for unpleasant mouth odor are numerous, including poor dental hygiene, gum disease, dental cavities, inflammation, etc. Malnutrition, uncontrolled diabetes, and […]

Oil Pulling- A Habit Which Can Transform Your Health?!

Oil Pulling- A Habit Which Can Transform Your Health?!

Have you heard about oil pulling? Do you practice it regularly or not? If you do not, you are definitely missing out a lot! This is an ancient Ayurvedic natural cure for detoxification and it can significantly better your oral health. When you do oil pulling, you are using pure […]

Early Warning Signs That Your Body Is Low on Vitamin C

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is a pivotal nutrient which keeps the body safe from immune system deficiencies. As Power of Positivity explain, we need regular amounts of this vitamin to avert common diseases and serious health issues. Unfortunately, many people suffer from vitamin C deficiency. This deficiency is characterized […]

2 Best Essential Oils for Healthy Teeth & Gums

For centuries, essential oils have been used for numerous different purposes and nowadays, there are a lot of scientific studies proving their effectiveness and beneficial healing properties. Besides being used for aromatherapy, many people use essential oils as cures for a long list of health problems, including the oral health, […]