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Relieve Vertigo with the Help of Healthy Diet & Exercise

Relieve Vertigo with the Help of Healthy Diet & Exercise

Have you ever felt that everything seems to be spinning and you cannot keep your balance? This is known as vertigo and it is often followed by an unexplained ear ringing and changes in eyesight. Vertigo is a symptom (not a condition or a disorder) of several balance disorders, usually […]

5 Common Triggers of Autoimmune Disease most People Do not Think about

5 Common Triggers Of Autoimmune Disease Most People Don’t Know

Unfortunately, autoimmune illnesses have been exponentially growing and statistics shows that more than 50 million American citizens are suffering from some type of autoimmune disease, as noted on Mind Body Green. An autoimmune disorder happens when the body’s immunity starts to attack the body because it goes into overdrive and […]

10 Warning Signs You Are Overstressed And You Are Not Aware

Unfortunately, chronic stress is number 1 health problem in America, according to Power of Positivity. Stress occurs as an immediate reaction to psychological and physical threats over which we have no control. According to the medical community, stress has reached epidemic proportions and it is thought by many to be […]