Energy Drinks Elevate the Risk of Strokes by 500% due to Irregular Heartbeat

Did you know that when you are drinking an energy drink, you are actually consuming high levels of added sugar and caffeine, as well as aspartame? This artificial sweetener has been associated with numerous negative side effects. Most people reach for these drinks when they are feeling low on energy or tired. But, do we really need them?!

One of the most popular energy drinks, i.e. Red Bull, is the well-known beverage which ‘gives us wings’. A main sponsor of numerous sport events, the company’s advertisement motto is ‘supporting daring people and innovative ideas’. But, what about supporting our health and well-being?

Moreover, they fail to mention the serious health dangers that it can cause? If you still have doubts about why you need to stop consuming these beverages, continue reading the article. We will present a list with the most serious side effects of regular energy drink consumption.

The Negative Effects of Energy Drinks on the Health

  • Leads to strokes and heart attacks

Red Bull has been linked with heart problems, as well as with heart attacks and strokes. And, it is banned in Denmark, Uruguay, and France. Why it can lead to heart problems? Because it thickens the blood and elevates the stimulation in the body. If consumed by people with hypertension or drinking it when you are stressed, Red Bull can damage the blood vessels and increase the chance for blood clots.

  • Increases your risk of strokes

Since the excessive amount of caffeine in energy drinks elevates the calcium which is being released in the cells of the heart, it can lead to strokes by impeding the electrical rhythm.

  • It can cause acute psychosis

Red Bull is full of numerous chemicals which have not been properly researched. Often times, people combine this energy drink with alcohol, without knowing that this additionally elevates the negative side effects, i.e. you are mixing a depressant with a stimulant. This may overburden the body and trigger severe health problems.

Ditch Energy Drinks & Live Healthier

One thing is for sure- you need not drink energy drinks to maintain steady and healthy energy levels. Here is how:

  • Follow a healthy diet rich in veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes and other whole foods
  • Boost your consumption of omega-3s
  • Decrease or avoid the consumption of added sugar
  • Cope with stress and relieve anxiousness and stress (meditate, do yoga, practice breathing techniques, exercise regularly…)
  • Make sure you get a good night’s sleep




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