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Greener Play Areas Boost Children’s Immunities

Playing outdoors is good for the child’s immunity and according to research, the children that had their outdoor play areas transformed from gravel yards into mini forests experienced stronger immunity within a month. The researchers believe this is a result of the child’s development of diverse microbes on the guts […]

Why Is Black Mold Dangerous & 5 Useful Natural Cures

Black mold is silently harming your health- it thrives in humid and moist areas and it’s therefore common in basements, cabinets, and crawl spaces. Kitchens and bathrooms are also ideal places for it since there’s regular use of water and low ventilation. Mold growth also leads to a gram negative […]

7 Best Natural Foods to Cleanse the Body from Mucus

7 Best Natural Foods to Cleanse the Body from Mucus

Our bodies produce mucus as a mechanism of protection, same as it produces saliva and tears. Same as these other bodily fluids, mucus contains an enzyme which helps dissolve pathogens from the environment, food, or attacks on the immunity. This is why the body releases mucus when we eat something […]

7 Major Eczema Causes that Doctors never Treat

7 Root Eczema Causes That Doctors Never Treat

Eczema is an umbrella term for several skin disorders. In most of the cases, they are manifested by symptoms like swollen skin, red skin, inflammation, and scaling. 2 to 4 percent of adults develop eczema at a specific point in their lives, but eczema is a more common skin problem […]