5 Reasons Why You Need To Stop Using Your Phone In Bed At Night

Nowadays, we live in a world where smartphones are considered to be a normal part of our lives and a lot of people also use them in bed. Before they fall asleep, they scroll through their social media or respond to their emails from work. And, they consider this to be the quite convenient practice and many of them actually think that this helps them fall asleep easier.

However, this is not an innocent habit and it may actually do more harm than good! If you still continue using your phone in bed, continue reading this article to learn the 5 major reasons why you need to stop doing this and leave the phone aside.

5 Major Reasons Why You Should not Use Your Phone in Bed

  • They damage your eyes

The blue light emitted from smartphones can harm your eye health in numerous different ways. The American Macular Degeneration Association explains that this light harms the retinas and can consequently trigger macular degeneration or a gradual loss of the central vision. There is also ongoing research trying to define the link between cataracts and excessive use of smartphones. If you still want to continue using your phone before bed, at least lower the brightness of the screen to minimize the damage to the eyes and keep the phone as far away from the eyes as you can.

  • They impede your sleep

Scrolling on your Instagram or Facebook before bed can easily lead to insomnia because the blue light is known to trick the brain into thinking it is sunlight and thus, the melatonin secretion lowers (melatonin is an important sleep hormone which regulates the sleep phases); when  its levels are low, you can experience insomnia, restless sleep, and nighttime waking up. Prolonged sleeplessness is known to contribute to problems like premature aging, obesity, and heart illness.

  • They elevate your risk of cancer

Cell phones, according to the World Health Association, can have a carcinogenic effect on humans due to the emission of the electromagnetic radiation which has been connected to some types of cancer. Though more research is needed on the cancer risk from smartphones, the negative impact of the blue light on the sleep phases can increase the chance for prostate and breast cancer.

  • They worsen your memory

When used improperly, smartphones can have a negative effect on your brain health. disrupted sleep and nighttime usage of phones makes it impossible for the brain to recuperate itself and thus, weaken your memory.

  • They elevate your risk of depression

Not getting enough sleep does not just cause physical health issues, but it can also impede your hormones and sleeping patterns and thus, make you more prone to depression and mood changes. And, the low levels of energy and the foggy thinking caused by the lack of sleep will make you feel as if you should not get out of bed.