105-Year Old Japanese Doctor Reveals the Secret for a Long & Healthy Life

Shigeaki Hinohara, as explained on The Usual Routine, was the oldest doctor in Japan and he believed that the reason for his longevity was the right choice of lifestyle habits. He passed away in 2017. In the last years of his life, he looked a lot younger than other people and even managed to maintain a balanced weight for years (no more than 120 pounds).

Interestingly, the doctor was still treating his patients and worked up to 18 hours per day months before his passing, Next Shark explain. His philosophy of life is what kept his vitality and long lifespan.

So, if you want to learn more about the healthy lifestyle of this man and maybe implement some of his suggestions to prolong your lifespan, make sure you check out the list below. We will reveal his “secrets” with you!

The Key to Longevity

  1. Proper diet

For Hinohara, diet is a pivotal aspect of a long and healthy life. He drank freshly-made fruit juice mixed with a tbsp of olive oil or a cup of milk mixed with powdered lentil and mashed banana. His dinners were comprised of fruits, some fish and rice, and he consumed 90 grams of fatty meat twice per week.

  1. Balance of energy

According to the doctor, our energy levels arise when we feel good, not when we sleep or eat. He explained this belief by an example of children who often forget completely about sleep or food when they are excited or happy. He pointed out that if people are dedicated to what they do and if they really love it, happiness is inevitable. They will not need strict diets or sleeping hours to feel good and energetic. So, find what feels good in life and increase your chances of longevity.

Other Beneficial Tips

  • Use the stairs; avoid the elevator
  • Manage hunger and cravings by eating the right foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Music and animal therapy can be of great aid
  • Remember to have fun in life: too many rules and restrictions in life can bring more harm than good
  • Reduce pain by playing an interesting and challenging game

Before heading out, do not forget to check out the video below and learn more about Hinohara:





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